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Chandelier by SweetSinster
My oc Eve in her witch form! Me and :iconthotoh: are having a college Au rp with our couple oc's; Eve and Ajy and it's so cute and fun!!!
Eve and Ajy sitting in a tree...! by SweetSinster
Eve and Ajy sitting in a tree...!
Well look at the lovely couple!! Aren't they so cute! And they have been together for a while and they just shared their first kiss! Oh mmmmm gggggg! And Eve just found out her babe wears glass! Le gasp Eve you are a bad girlfriend! :T 
! Hope you like it Leon!!! 
:iconthotoh: Ajy
:iconsweetsinster: Eve
● Trigger warning the POV may change due me being a fucktart, and swears

                   You're too loud, I'm so hyper
                   On paper we're a disaster
                   And I'm driving you crazy
                   It's my little game

You sat on the couch as Karkat went on one of his many angry rants. He was upset that Sollux told you cheesy pickup lines and that you used corny pickup lines in return, such as ‘Is your daddy a Baker? Because you've got a nice set of buns’ and ‘I don't have a library card, but do you mind if I check you out?’ which were harmless as Sollux just laughed at them. It was all in good fun, nothing serious, but of course your krabby matesprit took it another way. So now you were sitting in your living room tuning him out.  You would say ‘sorry’, ‘you are right’ and ‘ok’ whenever it was necessary.  You fiddled with your (h/c) as your (e/c) eyes rolled in annoyance. Karkat scoffed as he looked in your direction, noticing you weren't paying attention. The cancer approached you with a death glare, gripping your wrists and pinning them to your sides. (E/c) eyes snapped up at him as you gave him a glare of your own.
“WHY DO I EVEN FUCKING PUT UP WITH YOU!?” he shouted in your face. A look of disgust filled your facial expression as you felt some spit fly onto your cheek. You just smirked in amusement and leaned your face closer to his, giving him a wink.
“First say it don’t spray it and because you love me !” You nipped his nose. Karkat rolled his brilliant red eyes as he let go of you.  He sat next to you with his arms crossed and the collar of his sweater covering his pouty lips. He grumbled under his breath and sank lower into the couch, sulking. You ‘awed’ and climbed on top of him straddling his lap and played with his messy hair. Karkat’s cheeks burned red as he ducked his head lower inside his sweater. You leaned down and kissed his exposed gray forehead and snuggled closer to him.
“Don’t be like that Karkitty. You know you’re my one and only.” you cooed as you gently stroked his cute nubby horns. He tensed up for a few seconds, but gave in to the pleasurable feeling and allowed himself to purr. He looked up at you with his glossy red eyes and slowly moved his arms around your hips pulling you closer.
“Promise?” he asked softly. You nodded with a soft smile and moved the collar away from his face. You leaned down and kissed him softly on the lips and he return the kiss just as soft.
“Promise” you whispered between the sweet kiss. After a few seconds of sharing a passionate kiss you pulled back with a wide smile.
“I was feeling a little off today, but you definitely turned me on” You cooed into Karkat pointy ears. You leaned back and sent him a wink. Karkat’s face turned red and he covered his face with his hands while he chuckled.
“Oh my fucking Gog, (y/n). I’m embarrassed for you” he muttered through his palms.  

                        I push you, and you push back
                        Two opposites so alike that
                        Everyday's a roller coaster
                        I'm a bump you'll never get over

“Karkat, bring your ass back here!” You shouted as you chased after the angry troll which was a difficult task to do in heels! You wobbled, stumbled, and nearly tripped just so you could get to your boyfriend.
“NO!” he bellowed back as he stomped away, you groaned, annoyed at his attitude you slipped off your heels and ran faster. When you reached him you stepped in front of him and blocked his way.
“What is wrong with you?” You question angry at the nubby headed troll, but Karkat just snarled loudly and pushed you out of his way. You gasped as you stumbled to catch your balance and once you gained composure you growled and pushed his retreating figure with the same amount of force.
“All I asked you to do was to dance with me to our song!” You yelled at him, feeling tears stinging your eyes. You usually only cried when you were completely livid. You're sad, yes, but mainly pissed the fuck off.  The two of you went to your Junior High School Spring Dance and you knew Karkat didn't like dancing, but your song came on and you thought he would make an exception. Guess not. Karkat turned back to me and rolled his eyes.
“(Y/N) YOU KNOW DAMN WELL I DON’T FUCKING DANCE!” he shouted as he invaded my space.
“I know that numbnuts, but it was OUR song. You know the one you played for me when you asked me out 3 years ago!?” You shouted louder and  pushed him back once again. You thought back to what happened at the party to fuel your fire.
You sat at your table just talking with your friends and their dates, but when a slow sang came on they all left to go to the dance floor to share a heartwarming moment. Even Sollux danced with Feferi and he is more hard headed than Karkat! So you just sat there, drinking your punch and watching your friends make memories while Karkat was on his phone watching RomCom on Netflix’s.  When the song was over the DJ put another slow song and it was the song Karkat played for you he asked you to become his matesprit. He wanted you to have a movie moment. You looked back at the grumpy troll in understanding, he doesn’t like to dance but maybe he would dance with you to your song.
“Hey, Karkat our song playing” You hinted shyly to him hoping he caught you drift. Your friends quietly sat around watching you, but mainly Karkat. The trolled groaned and looked up.
“So?” he snapped. You gave him a smile. You're used to his mood swings by now, sometimes you even thought it was cute.
“Well, I was thinking maybe we can dance to it?” You said more in a question than a statement. Karkat rolled his eyes and groaned louder.
“(Y/n) you are fully aware I don’t fucking dance. Honestly, I don’t understand why the fuck you even consider asking me such a dumbass question such as that! If you really wanna fucking dance then get on the dance floor yourself!” he spat at me making me cringe at the tone of voice he used. You heard sighs, ‘omg’, and hissing sounds as if they watched you get hit. Your're used to his cursing, his mood swings and his asshat-ness, but you would not tolerate being disrespected in front of your friends.  You felt a lump in your throat as you tried to keep your cool. You took a deep breath and got up.
“Fine! I fucking will” You said bluntly as you got up and looked around for a partner. Your (e/c) eyes came into connect with shades. You walked over to the blonde, who was decked out in a well fitted red and black tux, and grabbed his hands.
“Come on Strider let dance” You said and tugged him onto the dance floor before he could object. You wrapped your arms around his neck and he placed his hands on your hips. The Strider boy pulled you closer to his body and you blushed lightly placing your head on his shoulder as you swayed to the music.  You felt your heart break as you danced. You didn’t want to dance with Dave; You wanted to dance with Karkat…
Soon you heard Karkat's name being called and you looked over to the now empty table. You felt your heart strings tug as you watched him go.
'I can't believe he just…left.'
“Go after the idiot before he hurts himself” Dave muttered into you ear. You looked back at him and smiled while he gave you a thumbs up, you thanked him for the dance and then rushed after your matesprit.
“I asked for one dance and instead you embarrass me in front of our friends, curse me out, belittle me, and on top of that you left! Are you fucking serious right now!?” You trembled with sadness and anger.
“Well, I’m fucking sorry I didn’t stay and watch you dance your heart out with fucking Strider. Of all the fuckers in the building you picked him!” he shouted into your face.    
“Well at least he danced with me! My fucking matesprit sure as hell didn’t want to! You know what? Just forget it! There. I'm not talking to you.” You said softly as tears slipped down your puffy (s/c) cheeks as you turned back to enjoy the rest of the night. Karkat felt a struck of sadness when he saw (Y/n) crying. He mentally cursed himself for making you cry. If he wasn’t so stupid and selfish maybe this wouldn’t have happened. He ran his fingers through his hair and ran after his girl.
You felt a hand on your shoulder and whipped around to be in encased in an warm embrace.  Karkat wrapped his arms around you and pulled you closer to him as he buried his face in your (h/c) hair.
“I-I’m so fucking sorry…” he mumbled. You tried your best to hold your tears in, but you couldn’t. You sobbed softly into his chest and wrapped your arms around his neck, slapping him on the back of the head.
“You idiot” You mumbled. Karkat winced in pain and gave you a sad smile.
“I deserved that” he admitted. The two of you stood that way for a while, the street and the streetlight you stood under was quiet. You went to pull away knowing you smudged your eye make-up and Karkat's tux, but he held you still and hummed your song softly into your ear. He placed his hands on your hips and started to sway slowly. You couldn’t help the smile that broke out on your face as you hummed with him, swaying along to the tune. Karkat placed his forehead against yours and stared in your (e/c) eyes.
“I love you” he mumbled as we dance.
“Flushed for you” You responded as you pecked his lips, Karkat only smiled softly and chuckled.
“You look like a raccoon” he teased making you laugh into the cool night.

                    This love (love) hate (hate) relationship
                    You say you (you) can't (can't) handle it
                    But there's no way to stop this now
                    So shut up and kiss me
                    Kick (kick), scream (scream) call it quits
                    But your just (just) so (so) full of it
                    cause it's too late, to close your mouth
                    So shut up and kiss me

“HOW CAN YOU FUCKING SAY THAT?!” shouted the small troll as you rolled your eyes and crossed your arms.
“Duh, because it’s true ’50 First Dates’ is not better than ‘The Notebook’!” You shouted.
Today was movie night at Karkat's hive and it was Dave, John, Sollux and Jade and I.  John threw his head back on the couch and sighed, audibly groaning.
“They’re at again.” John muttered, while Dave scoffed and crossed his arms.
“Why do we keeping coming over when they always fight! This is so uncool.” Dave pitched in. Sollux leaned on his hand while he, sitting on the recliner. He took a deep breath and looked at his friends.
“I’m going in.” Sollux suddenly said to them. They gasped and looked at the boy as if he was insane, but they nodded. One of them had to make the sacrifice.
“Good luck Sol.” Jade said softly to the Gemini. Sol nodded and cleared his throat.
“Why don’t we just admit that (Y/n)'th movie thuckth athth and juth watch the movie KK wanth to watch. No offenthe (Y/n), but ‘The Notebook’ is lame” Sollux said rudely. You sighed angrily and crossed your arms.  
“Fine, since everybody seem so against it we’ll watch ’50 first dates’!” You yelled as Karkat smiled victoriously, but it fell when he saw the hurt in (Y/n)'s eyes. He didn’t like it, it bothered him that someone inflicted her with such pain. He clenched his fist in anger and stared at the lisp king.
“Hey, asshat no one asked for your fucking opinion! So why don’t you keep you gog damn mouth shut you nooksniffer! (Y/n) put in ‘The Notebook’ and sit your ass down.” he demanded as he grabbed the popcorn and sat on a love couch. The room was quiet for a few seconds as Dave, John, Sollux and Jade tried their hardest not to laugh. You were still shock that Karkat defended you for something so little. It made you feel warm inside. You squeaked happily and put the movie in, sitting beside Karkat and snuggling up to him.
“That was sweet of you babe, thank you.” You cooed happily as the movie began to play. Karkat hummed angrily as he munched on the popcorn and wrapped his arm around you pulling you closer. You blushed and leaned up, pecking his lips while watching the movie happily.
Sollux rolled his eyes as he crossed his arms with a smirk on his face. Those two were meant for each other.
Part one of this shot. Don’t know how many I’ll do!
Hope you guys enjoyed it!
Shut up and kiss me
Well this is part one! I hope you guys enjoyed reading it! let me know what you all think!
Also thank you to :iconalluringamporaz: for editing this! You guys should read her karkat stories they are so cute!! 
Does anyone know where i can buy a wacom intuos 4 pen for a low price?



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Hi my name is Michelle and I'm 18!
I like a lot of stuff and hate a lot of stuff! :3
But I Love my girlfriend <3
Don't be shy to ask for arttrades or point comm!

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