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Two dorks in a Teacup by SweetSinster
Two dorks in a Teacup
This is my entire for :iconeinhornprinz: and :icontraumlaterne: contest! I started this in early March and life and school and work just got in the way and jdcknjkcnjskdcn! Stress! But I'm done and Hope you guys enjoy this!!
A.T by SweetSinster
Another art trade with :icontraumlaterne: I really love this character style and I love the sweaterrrrr ~w~
Hope you like it Traum! 
A.T by SweetSinster
This is an art trade for :iconalluringamporaz: 
Sorry it took me forever! I'm not use to drawing people :"D
Hope you like it!
                            So shut up! So shut up!

                          I call you and you pick up
                         I tell you how much I'm in love
                          I'm laughin and you get mad
                             It's my little game

Karkat and yourself were on a peacefully quiet stroll when you stopped by a nearby park that sparked your inner child. But now you sat alone on a swing looking up at the clear blue sky as the light summer breeze brushed through your (h/C) hair because your cranky partner spontaneously decided to get the two of you some ice cream for this warm day. You breathe a deep breath of fresh air and sigh happily because of the nice gesture. What a wonderful day! While you were watching the kids play together when someone sat in the swing beside you, but you paid no mind. You chuckled lightly at the kids and their shenanigans. So cute!
“Excuse me.” the voice of an unfamiliar man spoke up from beside you, catching your attention.  You look over to see a very handsome man with short blonde hair and striking blue eyes, but he is no Karkat. You smile warmly at the stranger to which he offered a charming smile of his own.
“How can I help you?” you asked kindly in a slight daze. The stranger chuckled lightly as he scanned over your features, grabbing your left hand gently.
“You can start by telling me your name. I saw you from across the park and knew I had to meet you.” He said in a very suave manner, lifting your hand and pressing his smooth lips against your knuckles. You blushed brightly as he did so and shakily took your hand back.
“U-uuhhh…t-thank that's very sweet o-of you” you giggled awkwardly while rubbing your neck nervously.

You were flattered that he found you attractive, but you felt a bit put off by his forwardness. The stranger only smiled apparently taking your uncomfortable demeanor as being shy and cute.
“You are completely adorable” he cooed softly, grabbing your chin softly and titling your head up slightly to meet his stunning eyes. This took you by surprise and you gasped softly as your (c/e) locked with his.
'This guy is seriously pushing his luck!' You thought to yourself, unconsciously clenching your teeth and growling in annoyance as this guy came further into your personal space.
“Let go of me.” You barked angrily at the man as you pulled back, but he moved his grip to your cheeks squishing them painfully against your teeth.
“Now why would I do that?” he said in slight agitation that you weren't reciprocating his advances as he moved closer to you. You twitched in frustration as you balled up your fist.  You were about to sucker punch the douche in his jaw with a right/left hook, but someone  had stolen the glory when two ice cream cones smashed roughly on top of the mop of blonde hair. The blonde stranger immediately let you go trying to  possibly assess the damage of his hair giving you time to look up and thank your savior; Karkat. An extremely and utterly outraged Karkat.
“She said let go fuckass! So I suggest you listen to her.” he growled as he shoved the guy off the swing. Karkat made his way over to you and kneel down to your level.
“You ok, babe?” he asked softly. You can see the concern and anger clearly in his deep red eyes. You nodded and smiled as you cupped his soft cheeks, stroking them with your thumbs to calm him down.
“Yeah, thank you sweetheart” You smile, pecking his gray lips quickly. Karkat blushes furiously his face turning a dark hue of red.
“Yeah, sure” he grumbled.
“What?! You’re dating a troll!? You’re fucking disgusting!” The blonde man shouted as he stumbled to his feet from his spot on the ground. You got up and balled your fist once again, getting ready to swing on his ass but Karkat interfered….again.
“Kar, please let me hit him!” you whined childishly. Karkat just shook his head and shoved his hands into his pocket.
“He’s not worth it, (y/n)” he stated smoothly. He stood in front of the blond man and scowled him harshly.
“Now beat it before I lay eggs in your fucking worthless thinkpan!” Karkat spat at him. The man's eyes widened a significant amount as he slowly backed away from the troll and clumsily scampered away. The angry nubby horned troll turned to you with an amused smile that also made you smile.
“Lay eggs in his thinkpan? Where did you get that idea from?” you asked as you approached your boyfriend. Karkat chuckled softly and stepped closer, looking you in the eyes.
“It’s some fucking stupid rumor some humans believe about us trolls. I swear your species are complete morons” he commented before wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you closer to him. You giggled as you nodded in agreement and wrapped your arms around his neck.
“Yeah, but your species is no better” you teased, kissing his nose.
“No arguments here” he scoffed playfully as he looked deeply into your (e/c) coming closer to you. You leaned forward, but you smiled mischievously before your lips could touch.
“You owe me another ice-cream” you muttered quietly. Karkat rolled his eyes and smirked softly.
“Shut up and kiss me” he demanded. You giggled lightly, but complied with his demand none the less.

                               Go ahead now, admit it
                           You like your world with me in it
                              Like a record, it's broken
                         Yeah, I'm a bump you'll never get over

                        This love (love) hate (hate) relationship
                         You say you (you) can't (can't) handle it
                           But there's no way to stop this now
                                 So shut up and kiss me
                        Kick (kick), scream (scream) call it quits
                          But your just (just) so (so) full of it
                       cause it's too late, to close your mouth
                                  So shut up and kiss me

It was a sunny mid-June afternoon. The birds were singing, the sun was shining warmly; the house is quiet and smelled strongly of sugar cookies.
'This is a perfect way to start the weekend.' you thought while standing in the small kitchen humming a tune softly to yourself as you made heart shape cookies. You through your hair up into a messy bun; It was a casual day so you only had on one of Karkat tank tops, your (f/c) shorts and some fuzzy slippers. And although you were busy with making sweet treats your mind couldn't help but wonder off.  You were thinking back to the time when you Karkat asked you out. For a loud mouth you think he’d be confident. When you first held his hand he flipped his shit and turned all red in the face. It was so cute! Then when you first kissed him on a date he was so speechless! He couldn’t even form a full sentence without stuttering. These strings of memories made you giggle to yourself as you mixed the new batch of batter. You were completely unaware of the nubby troll coming up behind you.
“Ah!” you squealed when you felt arms snake themselves around your frame.
“What’s so funny?” a tired husky voice rasped into your ear. You stuttered at the hot breath tickling your ear and neck. You closed your (e/c) eyes and took a breath to collect yourself. You placed the bowl of cookie batter down and turned to meet the beautiful lazy red eyes you'd come to love.
“Oh, just taking a trip down memory lane” you said softly to your topless matesprite as you tip toed to peck his lips softly. The nubby troll returned the affection while glancing at the freshly made cookies on the counter. A smirk making it’s way to his lips as he kissed my cheek.
“Happy 4 year anniversary” he mumbled as he kissed your lips again this time adding more pressure. You smiled into the kiss and wrapped your arms around his neck. Karkat grabbed you by your thighs and hiked you up on top of his counter. You squeaked into the kiss and he took the chance to shove his tongue into your mouth. You felt fuzzy and warm as his slick hot tongue roamed the inside of your mouth. You let out a soft moan as you wrapped your legs around his waist and pulled him closer. Your hands ran through his hair and you gripped onto his horns making him groan in pleasure. Karkat pulled away from the sloppy kiss as he placed his forehead against yours. You two took deep breaths and locked eyes with one another.
“You can’t get enough of me can you~?  It’s a fucking miracle you can even stand after last night~” he teased making you blush. Karkat traced some of the marks he left on your thigh and kissed the ones on your exposed neck from the previous night's activities. You whimper softly in pleasure as your hands slid down his exposed gray back and felt the fresh scratches you left on them. Karkat visibly shuddered under your touch as he ran his hand further up your thighs.
“Oh, shut up and kiss me” you commanded as you tilt your head up to kiss him roughly, clenching his horns tightly. Karkat growled in arousal and groped your ass, pinning you down onto the counter. He got on the counter with you and kissed down your neck. He nipped and suckled on fading hickeys trying to make them darker. Your face turned red as you gasped softly in pleasure, you wrapped your legs around his hips and pulled him closer to your body. Karkat slipped his hand under the shirt you wore and tugged it off you. You giggled and discarded the attire and you tugged on his boxers.
“Mmh fuck~ K-karkat~ Please…take me” you moaned softly into his pointy ears making him blush brightly. The nubby headed troll nodded and slowly unclasped your (fc/b) and slipped it off you and cast it away somewhere in the kitchen. Before you two could go any further, there came a deafening ringing sound bouncing around throughout the kitchen. You looked up to see Kankri blowing on his silver whistle.
“(Y/N) and Karkat, this is highly triggering and utterly unacceptable! Honestly, this is a kitchen not another mating ritual area for you two to have! ” Kankri lectured the couple. You quickly cover your breasts with your arms as Karkat placed his face in the crook of your neck and groaned in annoyance of his older brother's rantings. This made you giggle as you kissed Karkat's temple.
“Sorry Kanny” you apologized genuinely but the older troll only gave you a blank stare as he crossed his arms.
“It’s KanKRI, (Y/N).” he corrected as he turned his back on you both and went back upstairs. Karkat sighed in frustration and kissed your neck.
“Sorry about him” he said softly. You smiled and kissed your lovers forehead.
“How about we eat these cookies for breakfast and then go to my house and finish where we left off~” you seductivelt suggested into his sharp ears. Karkat’s face flushed, but he smiled softly. Leaning down he kissed your lips repeatedly.
“Sounds like a plan”
You and Karkat ate the cookies and went to his room and quickly got dressed. You were replaying what had happen in the kitchen and giggled, but a question hit you like a brick.
“Uh, Karkat?” Karkat hum in response as he put on his black sweater. You blushed as you look in Karkat direction nervously.
“W-was Kankri here the whole time? E-even last night?” you asked anxiously. Karkat stiffen as he stop what he was doing and slowly looked at you. His face read ‘oh fuck’; his cheeks and ears were a shade of red.
“He sure vwas kitten!” a voice answer from the other side of the wall. You jump in fear as the voice spoke, but noted the accent.
‘No, it couldn’t be’ you thought shockingly.
“Vwe even got busy ourselvwes, right Kanny~” the voice said in a teasing manner.
“I-It’s KanKRI and Cronus please b-be quiet” Kankri said in a pleading tone. Karkat and you look at each other silently and left the room. You both quickly made it out his hive and into your car. You sat in the driver seat and Karkat sat in the passenger seat. The car was silent as you both sat still.
“HAHAHAHA!” you both burst into a fit of laughter.
You miss my lips, my kiss, my laugh
The riffs on my guitar
The way we fight, we make up fast

                                        Oh yeaaaah

                                        So shut up!

                                Love hate, love hate, love hate

                      Cause this love (love) hate (hate) relationship
                        You say you (you) can't (can't) handle it
                           But there's no way to stop this now
                                  So shut up and kiss me
                        Kick (kick), scream (scream) call it quits
                     But your just (just) so (so) freakin' full of it
                         cause it's too late, to close your mouth
                                  So shut up and kiss me

                                         So shut up!
                                     Shut up and kiss me!

You were walking with Rose and John to Dave's house. He was throwing a small party for his friends at the new house he bought a month ago. You were completely excited to see Dave again! When he called you about the party 2 weeks ago you started to cry! You hadn’t seen Dave in 6 years! He left right after senior year to chase his dreams of getting a record deal! And after only 2 years his face was on every t.v, magazine, bill board and his music on every radio. You are so proud of him for taking a risk like that and have it pay off in the end
“So (y/n) is Karkat coming?” John asked. You smiled happily at him and nodded.
“Yeah, Karkat is going to meet up with us you later at the party” You answered. With that said you chatted with Rose and John to catch up. It’s been 6 year since you guys had finished high school and college. You and Karkat started living together 3 years ago and were still as happy as can be. Yes, you two still fight, but you make up afterwards.
You all were reminiscing on the past and enjoying a few good laughs. Oh, how’d you missed your friends. It had been a few months since you met up just to chill! Since everyone finished college they’ve been so busy and that’s including you. Rose and John have completely different lives and grown so much since the last time you saw them. You sigh happily to yourself as you felt a weight lifted off your shoulders. You were going to milk this as long as you could. You felt yourself have an intense craving for something sweet and salty. A smile stretched across your face as you dig in your bag and pulled out chocolate covered pretzels! Score! You open the bag and offer some to your friends who politely denied.
“More for me!” you cheered as you munched down the snack happily. Rose arched her thin right brow.
“Now correct me if I’m wrong, but I remember you hating those a few years back” Rose stated curiously. You look up and shrug.
“Well yeah, but I like them now! I didn’t a few months ago, but I’ve been craving sweet and salty foods and this is the only thing that satisfies me.” You answer as you ate another hand full. Rose and John gave each other a knowing glance.
“Cravings and emotional…interesting” Rose muttered to herself and you did hear her. You felt yourself blush as you smiled softly. Oh gosh how were you supposed to tell Karkat? It’s been 2 weeks since you’ve known! Maybe today…maybe.
Soon you all arrived at Dave's steps and knocked on his door. The building is about 4 stories tall and looks like its two houses wide in length and width.  The large cherry oak door open to show a tall, slim man with blonde hair with his trade mark shades on. You squeaked happily as you felt tears in your eyes.
“DAVE!” You tackled the man into a hug as you cried. Man it’s been so long! Dave chuckles and returns the hug.
“Hey, (nickname). Long time no see, huh?” he greeted coolly. You nodded as you pulled back and wiped your eyes. You pulled back and collected yourself as you smiled up at him. Rose gave Dave a hug and John gave Dave a tender loving bro hug. Dave led his friends to the backyard where the party will be taking place. You smiled as you saw all your friends. You saw Sollux holding hands with a pregnant Alice (your friend from college)! You rushed over and hug Sollux tightly from behind. The taller man was taken back and looks back to see your (h/C) and chuckles.
“Jeez, (y/n) you almotht (almost) gave me a heart attack!” he said as he patted your head. You gave him a bright smile and went over to you friend. Her belly is huge!
“(Y/N)!!” Alice squeaks as she hugs you tightly.
“Oh, gosh look at you! How far along are you?” you asked excitedly. Alice smiled happily and placed her hand on her belly.
“I’m 6 months in and I’m having twin girls” she giggled as she rubbed her belly. You rolled your eyes playfully as you giggled.
“Of course you are!” You said sarcastically. Sollux came up behind Alice and kissed her cheek and placed his hand on her belly.
“Yup, my duality game too thtrong (strong)” he said and pecked Alice lips. You smile as you look at the happy couple. Alice and Sollux got married 2 years ago and they are going to a start a family. Alice returned the quick kiss and looked over at you.
“Where is Karkat?” She asked. You went to answer, but only to cut off by some arms wrapping around your waist.
“Right here” Karkat said smoothly as he looked at Alice and Sollux. Sollux smirks at Karkat giving him a knowing smile.
“Hey, babe!” you greeted and turned in his arms and kissed his softly on the lips. The nubby trolled kissed you back. During the time of the party you and Karkat laughed, talked and danced with friends enjoying the moment. Dave played some new upcoming music of his, Rose show a trailer for her book that became a movie and John did some standup comedy. All in all it was a wonderful day. You were chatting with Alice about baby names and potential dates for the baby shower. While Karkat talked with Sollux near the bar asking for some last minute tips. Sollux rolled his eyes and grabbed Karkat's wrist and pulled him in front of a microphone.
“Hey, can I get everyone attention? KK, hath (has) a few wordth (words) to thay (say)” Sollux pushed the mic into a glaring Karkat hands. The mustard blooded troll chuckles and patted Karkat shoulder. You sat up straight as she watched her boyfriend stand nervously before his friends. The nubby headed troll cleared his throat and nervously placed his in hands in his left pants pocket.
“Uh, well this awkward.” The group of friends laughs softly as they watched the short troll with wonder.  
“Well, I have an announcement to make, but I want to start off with a small story. Uh, 12 years ago when I was in 7th grade I met this very annoying and hyper human girl named (Full name)” Your eyes widened slightly when Karkat said your name.
“She was the most annoying creature I have ever encountered in my life. But as time went on I grew flushed for her” he said nervously as he rubbed his neck. The crowd awed as they look over you. You giggle as you blushed wondering what he is doing and where was this going.
“That’s totally fucking adorable!” Dave comment as he got up and wrap his arms around Karkat shoulders. Karkt glared at the man with a smirk and shoved him away.
“Shut the fuck up Strider and sit your ass down! Anyway 2 long years later, we went to high school together and I work up the nerve to ask her out and couldn’t believe it when she said yes. 10 years later I am with the same woman. I’m, as you human say, in love with her. She is my muse, my best friend, my motivation, the stars in my night sky and my world” Karkat listed off slowly as he made eye contact with you. You felt your eyes water with joy as you smiled. You mouth an ‘I love you’ to him as he continued. Karkat chuckled nervously as he looked at the grass below him.  He took the mic with him as he walked over to where you sat at and grabbed your left hand. Karkat slowly got on one knee as he pulled out a black box. He opened it slowly to reveal a diamond ring with a silver band. You through your free hand over your mouth as your eyes widened. You stopped breathing for a second felt your heart skip a few beats.
'Oh gosh! Is this really happening?!' you thought with tears blurring your vision as you tried to breathe again.
“But with all that I’m still not satisfied. I want her to be more than all that. So (Full name) will you do me the honors of being my wife and spend the rest of our lives together?” Karkat asked nervously. Oh gosh it is happening! You felt excitement burst inside of you as you cried more. You nodded as you choked out a yes.
“Y-y-yes, oh gosh yes yes yes!” You cried as your wrapped your arms around Karkat's neck and pulled him to a loving kiss. Karkat held you tightly in his arms and lifted you off your feet.  Your friends got up and clapped for you both. There were some cheers, whistling and tears of joy.
You smiled happily as you sniffed and kissed Karkat repeatedly. You pulled back softly as you looked into your fiancé's red eyes that burned with love and passion.
“I have something to tell you too” you muttered to him. Karkat smiled and kissed your lips quickly as he cocked a left brow.
“Oh?” he asked. You nod and grab the mic and looked straight into Karkat eyes.
“I’m pregnant”
Heyyyyyyyyyyyy! Part 2 is up!!! And there might be part three maybbeeeeeeee!
Hope you guys enjoyed!
Shut up and kiss me 2
Heyyyyyyyy guyysss! I'm back with another part! Maybe there might be a part three still deciding! Anyways I want to thank :iconalluringamporaz: for editing my work again! She lovely! Hope you guys enjoyed it!
Does anyone know where i can buy a wacom intuos 4 pen for a low price?



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