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December 1, 2013


13 (who?)
I heard the sounds of police sirens in the far distance. My head throbbed in pain making it hard to focus on what's happening. My body felt cold as a piercing pain devoured my figure. I shifted my head down to see a knife stabbed just above my hip bone. Blood ran down from my open wound quickly, as I tried to stop the bleeding by adding pressure with my hand. But the wound was too sensitive and I hissed in pain.
"Well, you lived up to your usefulness, Angel. Your assists are no longer queried, permanently” Said the blurry figure in front of me.
It was hard for my brown eyes to adjust to see while my head throbbed in agony and I felt dizzy. I gasped heavily for air as breathing became a hard task to do.
"W-why M-mike?"
I managed to ask as tears swelled in my eyes. The dark figure known as 'Mike' chuckled.
"Mike? Oh, no Angel I'm not Mike"
My eyes opened up widely in shock. That wasn't the sweet innocent voice of Mike I came to know and like. It was a dark, deep voice I didn't recognize and it sent fearful chills down my spine.
"W-who are y-you?"
I whispered as I choked on my blood. My eyes got heavy as my body got colder. 'Mike' kneeled down closer to my ear as he whispered in a dangerous tone.
"I'm Mal."
And with a hard hit to the head I was out cold.
I stared at the white wall of one of Canada’s mental institutions as I reminisced on that unforgettable day. It's been two years since it happened, and two years of being under suicidal watch. I took a deep breath as I laid up on the hard wall as I thought in silence. The police found me bleeding to death at a house me and 'Mal' was to suppose...'rob', but Mal managed to erase any trace of him being at the crime scene. The detectives found little clues and did a background check on me. They came to the conclusion of me being mentally ill. They found out my mom was a crack addict and our crappy house when they did their investigation on me, and not seeing my dad in the picture made my situation worse. They saw me as a broken teen.

But that wasn't the case. I was actually a happy kid, because I had an awesome friend named Mike. And that's why I didn't rat Mal out to the police, it wasn't Mike in control and by ratting out Mal I'm ratting out Mike. I care for Mike too much to ruin his life. Why risk so much for him? I guess you can say I really like him. He was the only person who ever treated me like a person. He was my only friend, because no one wanted to give me a chance with the way I looked.
I sighed sadly as my back leaned against the wall. My wavy brown hair tickles my shoulders as I stared blankly at the white wall.

It was six years ago when I met Mike. We were in the 4th grade and I was new. My mom was an addict than, but being a child I was ignorant. We didn't have much money to buy clothes, food or to pay the bills. Our house was on the verge of collapse, but managed to stay strong. When I came to my new elementary school I wore a tore purple shirt, baggy blue jeans and beat up black sandals. My hair was curly and put in a knotted ponytail, my milky chocolate skin was oily and I was very skinny. I had a band aid across my nose since I have poor vision and 'tripped' on a kid's foot and scraped my nose on the floor on my way here.

After being in school for several months no one talked to me they avoid me like the plague. But even though I had nothing I had my dignity and pride, but I was alone and I was dying inside. My mom would leave for hours a day at home and kids didn't talk to me at school. Even if I did have the nerve to talk to them they would just make a face and say I smelled. The only reason I came to school was for the food and shelter.

But there was another reason way I came. When it was free time I usually went to the dance classroom and hide in the back as I watched the older kids dance. They usually did various styles such as the waltz, tango, salsa, and some ballet. When the class was over I would try to practice what they did, but I didn't have enough stamina to finish the routine. I sweated as I tried and tried to finish, tried to get every step perfect and tried to escape my life. There were some times I felt I was being watch, but I was so determine to complete the dance to care. The ballet practices were always my favorite since it was a lot more difficult to do it and help distracted me best.

One day there wasn't dance class so I went to the playground and sat on the swing and enjoyed the fresh air and looked at the sky. When my feet touched the ground to come to a gentle stop I was forcefully pushed off the swing and onto the floor, I scraped my elbows and hands as I made impact with the ground. I heard laughter as I looked up to see Luis and his friends pointing and laughing. I went to get up to be only pushed again. The laughter became louder as more kids watched and laughed.
"You’re so weak! I hardly touched you and fell flat on your face!”
Luis mocked as I lay on the ground. I didn't move or say anything. I just laid there trying my hardest not to cry. The laughter just got louder and louder in my head. My eyes got blurry with tears. I wanted to shout and run away, but I didn't. I just took the abuse and laid there.
"Hey! Leave her alone!"
Said a squeaky voice. I was taken aback by the words and looked up to see a small boy. The boy had black short hair, a green shirt and blue shorts. His skin was lighter tone than mine, but I couldn't see his face since his back faced me. Luis rolled his eyes.
"Get out the way, Mike"
He said angrily. Mike shook his head no and stood in front of me.
"If you don't leave her alone I'll tell Ms. Fawn!”
He threatens in his 10 year old voice. Luis and his friends turned around and 'whatever' as they left. Mike turned to me and gave me a toothy smile, but he had a gap in the middle. But it was still a beautiful smile.
"Hey, you ok?”
He asked offering me his hand. I stared at his hand for a moment and slowly took it. He pulled me up, but overestimated my body weight as I stumbled forward. I nearly fell on him, but I caught my footing.
"Wow, you are light"
He said surprisingly staring at me worriedly. I took my hand back and looked away.
"Uh, t-thanks for h-helping me"
I whispered as I looked at the ground. I shifted from feet to feet nervously. It was quiet between us, it was pretty awkward but my stomach decided to make a loud groaning sound. I squeaked at the sudden sound and felt very hungry. Lunch already passed and it still wasn't enough to fill me up. I looked around embarrassed at what just happened. Mike blinked confused, but smiled and took my hand and began to tug me. I 'whoa' loudly as I followed him close behind as he dragged me along with him.  He took me under the slide and quickly unzipped his backpack. He fished out his lunchbox, opened it and handed me a sandwich.
"Here, I was gonna save it for later, buuuut you seem like you need it more!"
He said with a friendly smile. I blushed at the offer. I hesitated not sure if I should take it, but Mike placed it in my hand.
"It's yours!"
He chirped. I stared at the delicious looking sandwich than at Mike. He nodded and smile wider showing off his gap. I looked down at the food and ate it slowly. I soon devoured the snack and felt a bit full. I looked at the boy.  Mike did a cute giggle with a bright smile on his face slowly but surely I returned a smile of my own. I and Mike started up a conversation; getting to know each other and having some laughs. I couldn't help, but smile happily, he didn't know me, but he defended me and fed me all in the same day. I stared at him as he talks, I know I don't have much, but I'm going to be the best friend I can be to him!
And I was true to my word. Mike and I became close friends.

After some years passed when Mike and I turned 13 years old, I saw that Mike has multiply personalities. The first was Chester a grumpy old man who complains about the youth whenever Mike got angry. I thought he was joking at first, but Mike wouldn't snap out of being 'Chester' so I sat down and chat with him till 'Chester' calm down. I had to admit he was a very funny 'old' man! And when we turned 14 years old he turned into Svetlana when we were in gym while playing dodge ball. It was odd that Mike switched to being clumsy goof to being a graceful swan. Svetlana would leave when the physical challenge Mike faced was completed. Mike didn't have any memory once his personality took over and he was embarrassed he couldn't control them, but I supported him and cheered him up about it when he felt down. I honestly love his alters they were interesting people, but a few months after Svetlana came Mike started acting different. He was becoming mean and did dangerous things. But being a loyal friend I stood by his side till what I thought was the end for me.
I thought about Mike and how he saved me from myself each day to keep me going. I still remember Chester going on about his favorite music; tv shows and telling me lame jokes. Svetlana use to help me with my dancing how to move swiftly and maintaining my posture.  Even though I didn't have music I still practiced my dancing whenever I felt stress. And I’ve gained my own style of dancing over the years.

I hummed a soft tone as I sat in my room. I then heard my bedroom door open.
A tall buff African American man came in. I smiled lightly, it was my Uncle Hatchet. He was a prison guard, but when he found out I was here he quitted his job and came here. When he saw my…’condition’, he fed me fatty food (which I didn't mind) and made me exercise with him. Not to lose weight, but to gain muscles which I lacked. There aren’t mirrors around, but from what I see I've gained a lot of weight. I am slightly pudgy with thick thighs; what can I say I love chocolate! My bust area is a proper size not overly small or large. All in all I liked my new body.
"Your times up kid" He said to me as he held my bag. I smiled as I nodded.

"You’re free to go, Angel Ramos"
I of the nurses said with a bright smile. I smiled back as I got my items that were taken from me the day I arrived here. A hair tie, balled up paper, gum and a bracelet. I looked at the blue and purple bracelet with kind eyes. Mike gave this to me on my birthday. It's a symbol of our friendship. I quickly put it back on and jingled it. I missed it so much.

I was in my Uncle’s apartment. I settled down as I looked up at the tan ceiling. I was thinking about the conversation we had on the car ride here.
The car ride home was quiet and comfortable. I played soft classical music as I stared at the window. The city has changed in the last two years. I wasn’t sure for the better or the worst.
"Angel, I've in rolled in this school I've been working in as my second job"
My Uncle said while driving his jeep at a reasonable speed. I had the window down the wind hit my face as it waved my hair around. I turned and looked over at my uncle.
"What school?"
"Total Drama High" He said nonchalantly. I gave my uncle and confused stare.
"Uhhh, why would I want to go to school with the word 'drama' in the name?" I asked curiously.
"Because the principal is a pal of mine and he owns me and I said so!" He said assertively. I put my hands up in defense.
"Ok, sheesh don't have a tittie attack" I said jokingly as I lay back in my seat as I continued to enjoy the wind. From the corner of my eye I saw him smirk.
I sighed. A new school a new me. My uncle was kind enough to take me to the drug store and let me get some hair dye and bleach. I went to the bathroom and got to work.

After several hours of chemically damaging my hair I looked myself in the mirror. My long brown hair is cut to a short black pixie cut with teal bangs. It was supposed to be a bright blue, but it still looks nice. My hair looked a bit uneven, but I liked it like that. It was different. I looked myself over in the long full mirror. I'm pretty short no taller than 5'0. Like I thought my thighs have gotten bigger and I had pudge on my belly. Hey, I prefer my pudge than being a skinny toothpick like I was before. My skin was still oily, but I can deal with that. My head is an oval shape, but I had high cheek bones. I had long lashes, but they pointed downward, almond shape brown eyes with apple shape lips. And lastly my nose that was small with a slight outer curve. All in all I wasn't really ugly I thought I looked cute. I lifted up my shirt just above my hip bone to see a scar. The scar that was left from that night. The reminder.
"You are no longer Angel Ramos. You are Amber Valle" I said confidently.
Out with the old in with the new. I let go of my shirt and went to retire for the night.
I and my uncle reached the school. I was shaking in my hand me down black boots my Uncle gave me. I wore a green forest shirt with a 'leather' jacket and black skinny jeans. I chewed on my lower lip. I'm so nervous! My Uncle got all my supplies for school and I was 'home' schooled in the institution so which I am in my proper grade; 11th. My uncle gave me the schedule to my class and he head off to the kitchen. Class didn't start for another hour or so, so I figured I wonder. The school was pretty cool. It had a nice nature feel. The colors consist of blue, green and brown. There was poster littering the walls mainly of the principal. Odd. The school slowly got crowded with diverse students. I was looking for my locker, but I couldn't find it. I sighed. I felt my heart racing as I saw more people coming in. There so much people! I don't think I can deal with this! I felt choked up and dizzy, I felt my sanity losing its grip. I hand touched my shoulder making me jump and turned around quickly.
"Hey, it's ok! Don't need to be scared!" a friendly voice cooed. I turned to the girl she wore a red short with tan pants with bright red hair. She is taller than I’m and is very pretty.
"Hi! I'm Zoey you must be new!" She greeted my kindly. I nodded and shook a bit.
"An- I'm mean Amber! And yes I am nice to meet you" I whispered. My nervous were kind of just everywhere at the moment. Zoey smiled and 'awed'.
"You’re so cute! I just really wanted to tell you I liked your hair! But since you’re new how about I show you around and introduce you to my friends?" She offered me kindly. I was slowly gain my confidents back and nodded.
"Thanks, I would like that!" I said happily as we shook hands.
Zoey is an excellent tour guide! She friendly and has lots of energy. She showed me to my classes, locker and the lunchroom where her friends waited. We walked to a table that consists of one girl and two boys. I couldn't see them well I had to squint, but it soon became bothersome. But when we got closer they became clearer to see.
"Hi guys! Meet my new friend Amber!" Zoey chirped happily as she stood by me. The group of people looked up and waved. I waved back as I smiled shyly.
"Hey, I'm Gwen!" Said the girl with pale skin and who wore dark colors. She seemed very nice, she was sketching in her book.
"I'm Cameron!" Said the African American boy with glasses and wore bright colors. He was doing math homework.
I looked at the last boy. He has spiky hair, tall, slim and wore a teal shirt with white cuffs on the sleeves. I blinked a few times as I stared at the boy. Something about him was…familiar.
"And this is my boyfriend Mike!" Zoey said giddy. Said boy smiled showing off his gap. I felt my heart stop as I held my breath. I felt my cheeks get warm as I bit my lower lip. I wanted to throw myself at him and cry. I missed Mike so much! Oh gosh he's changed! He's taller! I remember when he was short as I was! And he has longer hair! I spaced out as I collected my thoughts.
"Hello? Amber? Hello?" Zoey voice called out to me. I snapped out of my trances and smiled.
"Sorry, I thought I had to sneeze, but it never came!” lied lamely.
"Ughh, I hate when that happens!"
Zoey said as she sat beside Mike who agreed with her. I watch Mike stare at Zoey and his friends. He looks genuinely happy. I was debating if I should tell Mike who I was or not? But my doctor said I had to let go of the past. Doesn't that involved letting go what I had with Mike? He never did visit me at the institution? Maybe he didn't want to have a mentally ill friend? Or he never really cared? I mentally sighed.
Out with the old and in with the new.
I sat down by Cameron and started a conversation with him, but I glanced at Mike once in a while.
Uma…so here the first chapter! Do you guess think I should continue? Sorry if there errors.
Mike and Angel were childhood friends, but after a tragic night of betrayal Angel disappeared. After 2 years of being gone Angel returns to attend 'Total Drama High', but with a new identity. How will she react when hers and Mikes life tangle once more while the malevolent one lurk in the depth of Mikes subconscious? MikeXocXMal
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It was a great story you should do more!
Ps instead of saying I and my uncle or other stuff like that you need to use my uncle and me its grammatically correct. Just so you know
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Thankies! I was told it was the other way around ! Thank you and more will be posted! ^.^
Awesome, I LOVE mike! :D
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